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Environmental Credentials

Linear Capital does not have the type of environmental credentials that come with a nice certificate you can put on the office wall.

Our credentials come from the remediation of actual sites, and the disposal and remediation of actual contaminants.

We have extensive experience in the:

  • Removal of asbestos
  • Removal and elimination of heavy metal pollutants
  • Removal and remediation of hydrocarbon pollution


Linear Capital is committed to not just limiting its own environmental footprint, but has taken a leading role in removing and remediating the environmental mistakes of others.

Linear Capital is a diverse private investment firm whose principals have wide experience in a broad range of sectors. The company has active interests in Construction.

The Company’s name is representative of its philosophy, and how it applies itself in markets.
Linear returns not only imply sustainable growth, but they require constant innovation and improvement.We choose markets to participate where our people and strategy can make an innovative difference.

Bringing our problem solving background into play on each investment we make, we have an international focus, and many of our co-investors and clients are market leaders in their respective sectors.

We pride ourselves on clarity of thinking, agility, and responsiveness.

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